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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well.
Please look to this page once a week for updated home learning resources.
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Mr Mayling

The Wizards of Once

Please see below for my reading of the 'Wizards of Once'. Only the six most recent videos will appear here (newest video will be on the top). All videos will be posted to Google Classroom as well, so you can go to Google Classroom if you have missed a video or you are having difficulty viewing it on here:

Willow Class Google Classroom

Weekly Lessons

Weekly Overview

Willow Class Home Learning WB 11th May.docx

Year 5 English
13th to 17th July

Year 5 Maths
13th to 17th July

Project - Sport
UKS2 - Y5 & Y6

UKS2 Sport.pdf

Year 6 English
13th to 17th July

Year 6 Maths
13th to 17th July

Home Science Activity w/b 11th May

Here are three Science activities, related to Materials, that could be completed at home (activities are available on our Google Classroom site if you are unable to access the resources below). If you do complete one of these activities, can you explain in your own words what is happening within the experiment?

Willow Class Google Classroom

Fireworks in a Glass.pdf
Fun With Density.pdf
Lava Lamp.pdf

w/b May 4th Computing Activity

Jump Monkey Instructions PowerPoint (and instructional videos are below). If you are finding the PowerPoint and the videos difficult to access (the videos may appear too small on this website), please go to our Willow Class Google Classroom page.

The assignment can be found on our Google Classroom site here:

Google Classroom Jump Monkey Assignment

Jump Monkey - May 2020 Updated.pptx