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Hi Beech Class

This is where you will find your home learning work and also where you can tune in to me reading you a story.
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I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Mrs Walters

Here is the latest from Beaver Towers.

Chapter 19
28th April 2020


Chapter 20 of Beaver Towers

Wednesday 29th April

Questions to respond to:

  • Why did the growlers jump into the fire?

  • Why did Mr Edgar's car stop?

  • Why did Mr Edgar call Philip the "saver"?


Here it is... the final chapter of Beaver Towers featuring my pug (as requested by Madina)


This week I'll be reading a few short stories.

The Three Little Pigs and the New Neighbour


6th May

The Princess and the frozen peas


9th May

Jack and the Bean Pie


11th May

Why is the sky blue?

Why is the sky blue.mp4

Our new story is.....ESIO TROT by Roald Dahl

Check it out - the video features a special guest!


Esio Trot 2 15th May

Can you think of any words that would sound interesting if they were spelled backwards? Try out your name!

My name backwards is: srm sretlaw !

Esio Trot 2.mp4

Esio Trot - instalment 3

Mr Hoppy's plan is starting to work. Can you predict what will happen next?

Esio Trot 3.mp4

Esio Trot 20th May

Episode 4 - oops, my pug wanted to come and listen too!

Esio Trot 4.mp4

Last part of Esio Trot 22nd May

Esio Trot 5.mp4

Our new story is....The Invisible Dog by Dick King-Smith

Chapter 1

The Invisible Dog Chapter 1.mp4

The Invisible Dog

Chapter 2

Invisible Dog Chapter 2.mp4

The Invisible Dog

Chapters 3 and 4

Invisible Dog Chapter 3 and 4.mp4

The Invisible Dog

Chapters 5 and 6 (part 1)

Chapter 5.mp4

The Invisible Dog
Chapters 5 and 6 (part 2)

end of Chapter 5 and Chapter 6.mp4

The Invisible Dog - FINAL chapter!

Last chapter The Invisible Dog.mp4

New story: Winnie the Witch - HOT CROSS WINNIE

Hot Cross Winnie.mp4

Mrs Bailey's Picture Books

Sonny's Wonderful Wellies


Five Minutes Peace

All In One Piece

Prince Cinders

The Feather

Burger Boy

Duck In The Truck

Tell Me A Story Mummy

My Friend Whale

Winnie The Witch

Happy Birthday Winnie

Where's My Teddy?

The Gigantic Turnip

Winnie in Winter

Winnie Flies Again

Weekly Lessons

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Year 1 English
13th to 17th July

Year 1 Maths
13th to 17th July

Project - Sport
KS1 - Y1 & Y2

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Year 2 English
13th to 17th July

Year 2 Maths
13th to 17th July