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Hello Acorns,

Hope you are staying safe and enjoying spending some time in the sunshine with your families. Don't forget to send us videos/photos/recordings of learning experiences you are proud of.

Stay safe and well,

Mrs Tyler-Hunt and Mrs Webb

Caterpillar Spring

Caterpillar Spring.MOV

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo.MOV

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Brown Bear, Brown Bear.MOV

Polar Bear, Polar Bear

Polar Bear, Polar Bear.MOV

Baby Bear, Baby Bear

Panda Bear, Panda Bear

Who's in the garden?

Jasper's Beanstalk

Noisy Farm

Sonny's Wonderful Wellies


Five Minutes Peace

All In One Piece

Prince Cinders

The Feather

Burger Boy

Duck In The Truck

Tell Me A Story Mummy

My Friend Whale

Winnie The Witch

Happy Birthday Winnie

Where's My Teddy?

The Gigantic Turnip

Winnie in Winter

Winnie Flies Again

Weekly Overview

Acorn Class Home Learning WB 11th May.docx

English & Maths
13th to 17th July

Project - Sport

EYFS Sport.pdf

Additional Activities

Make Believe Play


Art Activities


Exploring & Measuring


Building & Modelling




Helping Round the Home

Helping round the Home.pdf